My name is Jim Fidler. I’ve been into radio of all kinds pretty much since birth and got my advanced ticket in 1984.

I’m a musician, recording artist and record producer and my shack is actually in the control room of my recording studio.

My XYL, Lillian (VO1XYL) and I did a show called Republic of Avalon Radio.


Episode 73 was dedicated to all things radio, with a great focus on amateur radio.
you can listen here (just scroll down to episode 73)

Over the years, I’ve had lots of fun communicating with people all around the world via many bands and modes. We currently host a channel, ROAR (Republic of Avalon Radio), accessible through both IRN via teamspeak and our crosslinked channel on zello. For more information regarding our adventures in “Network Radio” go here.

Feel free to check out my official music website at jimfidler.com and please do send me an email


Feel free to check out our IRLP node here:
Node 2441
443.000 simplex
Tone 100



Here are the two that I use most frequently. For PC:

K3FEF In Northeastern PA


WA1STH New Hampshire

If you’re using a mobile device with IOS or Android, use the following links:

K3FEF In Northeastern PA


WA1STH New Hampshire

Once you load the SDR, open the menu in your browser and click on “Add to home screen.”
This will create a shortcut to the SDR on the home screen of your device for easy access…
Much quicker than having to load your browser and find it in your bookmarks.

There are known issues with the Chrome browser, so we would recommend the Brave browser which is available in the App Store for IOS and the Play Store for Android.

Flight Radar 24